Third Dimension

The third dimension is the space in between what is normal what is extraordinary and far out, like Christmas, something only obtainable by having other dimensions around it like the aftertaste of chocolate and wine or beef and horseradish and mashed potato. It’s gravy in a boat with rockets attached. It’s space travel on giant mushrooms in a supergalactic pie of puff pastry cheese and on a hot white china plate. It’s Christmas presents handmade wrapping paper of bottles of beer and cheques for thirty pounds with your name on. its cherry chocolate liqueurs bumpered by a brand new ford fiesta 1.2.LX. Its champagne and vodka shots in a bottle with a ship about to be swallowed by a whale. It’s a happy new year and a boring year to sandwich it. It’s your birthdays rolled into one swiss roll and served to you with cream. It’s a giants keyboard and a midgets mouse. It’s an iPod and 3DMAX Cinema. It’s Ben and Jerrys and taramosalata. Its high and low. green and brown. wearing a frown. On your side of town, getting accustomed to the music and finally back to normal.

The third dimension as far as I know is depth.

Do you have the third dimension?



Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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