If You Go Down To The Woods Today-Chapter One

Teddy was playing with Rabbit. Rabbit was hiding from Teddy. Badger was the umpire.

‘I will count from ten backwards, then you, Teddy must go and find rabbit’,’Teddy,’ said Badger

Teddy looked at Badger ‘Yes Badger,’

‘Close your eyes Teddy,’

‘Yes Badger,’ said Teddy who then closed his eyes.

‘Ready Everyone?’ said badger.

‘Yes, Ready’ said everyone

‘OK. Ten, Nine…’

Rabbit looked excited. Where would he hide? Up the rabbits hutch, down the badgers set, round the back of the tree. He hopped this way, he hopped that way then he seemed to make up his mind.

‘I’ll hide in Teddys pushchair,’ thought Rabbit. ‘He’ll never think of looking there,’

Rabbit hopped away to Teddy’s pushchair round by the big tree.

‘Eight, Seven, Six, Five..’said badger patiently.

Teddy was still as a Heron while Badger counted down but he couldn’t resist having a little peek out of the corner of his eye.

‘Teddy close your eyes!’ said badger crossly.

‘Yes yes,’ said Teddy ‘Sorry,’

‘You will be Teddy. Three, Two one. OK Teddy open Your Eyes Now,’ instructed badger.

Teddy opened his eyes and looked around and saw Badger who was now stuffing his pipe full of weed.

‘Badger I must find Rabbit,’ said Teddy.

‘Yes, yes, Teddy. That is the game,’ said Badger kindly

‘OK,’ said teddy who was a little unsure of where to begin. He had never played Hide and Seek before.

‘i know!’ said Teddy who walked over to the tree and looked behind it.

‘Found you!’ said teddy poking his head behind the tree’ Found You!’ said Teddy again. But no-one was there.

Badger looked up from his pipe and smiled.

‘Okay, if you’re not here then I’ll look for you in…badgers sett!’ said Teddy.


To Be continued…




Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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