Dance On Over

Drowning in the morning breeze

I cannot see the woods for the trees

as I wander gathering flowers

amid the singing of the birds and the bees.


Midday with its succulent treats on a table of plenty

an illusion banquet that I can feast at merrily

While the others and my companions busy themselves nearby

pretending not to notice me.



In a dance with a tree, I, in turn, let loose a hundred birds

that fly away then back over me.

Everybody turns to see the natural  me amongst the trees

on which I lean invisibly. One whispers in a low voice and says ‘I like to dance when I am happy, perhaps they will one day dance on over to me.’

I let my hand linger for a moment at his side and then introduce to him a hundred wonders that were waiting in the trees just to watch his heart fill with pride.


Nightfall approaches the light diminishes and the crowd disperses far and wide.

Another table is set for one this time and I take my seat outside and enjoy nature’s bountiful hospitality.

Rivers of wine flow and smelly cheeses mushrooms and roots shine

as the steak I rustled matures in the fire. Rabbits and horses stand nearby and the evening bride takes her place by my side.


For all eternity, I want to last tonight. For all eternity tonight. For all eternity tonight.

Above in the sky, stars shine in their dark blanket and the moon casts its eerie glow.

And below I hold the hand of my midnight bride as we walk in moonlight shadow.

We approach a clearing in the trees upon which I sink to my knees and pledge myself and all nature’s bounty for her hand in marriage.

She responds in kind and now I know her love is mine I smile as if for the very first time. I pick her up and look in her eye and say I am so glad your mine.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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