Banana Beer

Glasses filled with sweets

Sets the scene

I catch myself in mid-tackle

going to the ground

senses felt not heard

a tickle in the stomach

and now I’m as big as mars.

Strange alchemy over beer

spirits sublime and entwined

In a pub on the high street

of your town. Make way for

the dancers, your hand, please!

Night beat toms a go-go and London

is another town in another part of the world.

Not in competition, not in harmony. Memory

exactly in daylight and strobes I know

where to go. I’m not a genius -yet.

Arguments unseen or thoughts over

and out, we separate, never mix to come

together, I cry for the now losing it in bumps.

A steady stream over human pebbles…

ignites a passion for live music and disco lights.

The flow here is turbulent and laminar currents

swim around the place like mice looking for land.

I am out of time suddenly looking at the band.

Then I am home ‘gain and it’s another new day.

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