Piranha Nirvana

McVities Digestives Two packs Only 99p.

Two packs 99p.

2 Packs 99p

How is doing the economy?

Everything should be free, Everything should be free

If you ask me, If you ask me

We could live in a state of Nirvana, Governed by a large piranha

Who would eat the murderers, bite the hand off thieves and then surgically reattach them once their sentence was spent.

All hail the piranha, All hail the giant Piranha,

We could live in a state of Nirvana, Governed by a giant piranha

Wars and refugee wouldn’t matter cause there’s enough for everyone

Enough houses, enough food clothes and leisure, flatscreen tv’s etc.

And when something needs to change we feed giant flakes to the giant piranha who then blows bubbles dictating the way.

Hurrah! Hurrah!

Hurrah For the Giant Piranha! Hip-hip, hip-hip.

All Hail The Giant Piranha!



Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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