Big Up The Christmas Tree!

Right, It’s time to dust off those branches, shake down those fairy lights, big up the angel and get that Christmas Tree ready.

If you haven’t noticed its soon going to be Christmas. This annual event is the biggest celebration in the Western Calender and spans 2 days December 25th -December 26th. In churches, the whole thing begins with Advent and Advent Calenders for people’s homes filled with chocolates are popular  too.

While most people already have their decorations up, it’s not too late to find a bargain tree and lights on the high street to add that bit of festive cheer to your home, place of work, igloo, wherever. It’s really that simple.

So decide where you are going to put your tree and get shopping. Trees range in size from a few inches to twenty or thirty feet tall that you will find outside of your local Council House or in major shopping malls or office buildings and other public buildings. For your home, a 6ft tree is probably going to be more than enough unless you are a bit of a Bobby Dazzler and prefer synthetic tinselly ones a 6ft natural Christmas tree will cost you between £25.00 and £50.00 with synthetic ones of the same size coming in at £30- £100. The prices reflect the convenience of the trees themselves. Natural trees are easy to home and easy to dispose of, just take them to the local tip after Christmas while you will need space to store a synthetic one in a  cupboard or up in the loft.

The main convenience of a synthetic tree is that a.) you don’t have to replace it every year, therefore making it cheaper in the long run and b.)it is neater and tidier without pesky pine needles shedding all over your carpet. With natural trees this is usually after about two or three weeks, sooner if you choose an unpotted variety or better still, never with a synthetic.

So where now? Off to the markets maybe? (a good place to pick up a bargain tree) or to the high street and somewhere like B&Q or Homebase or to the Internet where you can get Home Delivery for a price or Collect from your local garden centre.

Once you have your tree you need to decorate it. For this, you need lights, trinkets and baubles, chocolates or other treats are popular too and there’s nothing like it for the kids putting up and decorating the tree leaving you free to relax with just minimal supervising duties.

So when the final bauble is in place you have the star on the top of the tree and you are ready to do the grand switch on of the lights- You flick the switch and nothing, nada, no lights at all. The Christmas Tree Light Fairy has visited you and replaced one or more of your bulbs with a dud. Luckily the set you bought came with spares so all you have to do is to go along methodically and replace each bulb with one that you know works and test. One or two hours later no insignificant amount of  time and ‘under the breath muttering’ later and Ta-Da! The lights work. Ones that blink in a preset way or ones with a fancy control box let you decide on what light show you want.

Either way, you can now sit back and relax and decide who and when someone is allowed to take chocolates from the tree. Enjoy the light show. Congratulations!

Happy Christmas!


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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