Like A Politician

A politician does something counter stereotypical and it is photographed in the press.

A doctor poisons his patient.

A policeman begins a riot and gang-rapes a female student.

A camera points West – remote shutter activated.

And we wonder why all photo albums look the same.

Prostitutes give up life on the game

Fashionistas all begin to dress the same

And little boy blue gets tickled under the chin

A-choo-choo-choo A-choo-choo-choo

A cure for ebola is found and kills off the common cold

Lost people are found wandering around neighbourhoods that all look the same.

Families grow and spread out like margarine

on the great piece of toast, that is our island maritime.

This poem has taken on a life of its own and the next

sentence, when it appears, is like  ‘so not my own’

But if I am to participate in the great game called life.

Like a politician is how i will spend half of my life.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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