Lyrics Insane

They are going to my brain where I fry on a medium heat until lightly brown.

There is a  box on tissues on my desk. I need them when I w*** myself a mess.

There are some aniseeds in jar, If I suck on them I forget where I are.

There is a camera too. For taking pictures of you. And a calculator so I can work out when I can go with you later.

And a pen and paper.

But seriously.

I see you in a picture of urban decay with your cheeks saying hello to a new day.

And a wide gaping hole says ‘we are equal’ to those in a bother.

Your breasts are like pillows insane cushions for my brain.

ANd your hair billows like smoke when I am smoking again.

Your face reminds me of love lust, peace and everything

Your smile speaks volumes to me, slowly taking me in.

To a place I long to be.

I am out here photographing you in my head

When in reality I should be in my bed

But I bbbbbbbbbbbbut.




Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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