Custard Pie Love

Hasn’t life got a lot to do with love? For example, you can be happily strolling along the unkempt path of righteousness when suddenly someone throws a custard pie in your face and reminds you in no uncertain terms that a sense of humour is an essential life skill.

The same can be said of love. It’s an essential skill to master or to at least tame. One look and you’re gone. One touch and I’m yours. Together we are rock. Now where did they come from?

It wasn’t written. It wasn’t foreseen. And no illegal drugs or a lot of alcohol was involved. I think (dare I?) that life is just full of people and people are sometimes the most unexpected of beasts/creatures.

But un-expect what? A custard pie in the face?. Red Roses, a dozen, phone calls in the middle of the night or long drives to meet on a moonlit windy moor. texts, emails, selfies. Monologues, dialogue, music, work, food, illness, sport. This list is growing to encompass all of human activity (including war and famine). You can’t escape ‘this thing called love’ that Freddie Mercury sang about. I have a theory about love.

We do not love because we are lovers. We are lovers because we love.

It’s just a pity some seem to get more of it than others.

Because it is sent from above.

If you are ever feeling down and wearing a long frown

Take joy from the fact that you are a sauce, not soy and enjoy your dressing down from all quarters before you fall in love and wear the crown. Lover ahoy!


Which might lead me to argue that love is unfair? It’s true. love is unfair.

‘You can’t hurry love’ you can’t unless you happen to be a god. No persuasive male or female can even nudge along love that little bit faster it won’t budge, love.

‘Love bites, love bleeds it bring me to my knees’ Love hurts you unexpectedly in the tender spots love comes like a knife never stopping short of a ten thousand cuts.

Love is gentle and pure and shared over cheesy fries and coke and happy with walks down the town, shopping and sex.

Love is pure, sure of itself and ebullient warm and giving. Be cautious you might get more than you are giving!

Love binds you together with your significant other not only in daylight but then on the other side where light does not shine and many bridges exist only in your lovers mind.

Keep Buggin. Keep loving.

All lyrics copyright their owners©

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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