Love Is The Difference

Did you ever watch one of those television programs where a tv crew follows the lives of children from cradle to age 16 or so?

And there were some who grew up to be right tearaways and others who were better adjusted. And often the child from the broken home would be less well adjusted than the one raised in a nuclear family with double garage – Well it’s all bollocks.

Well for me this doesn’t answer any begging questions but it sure does pose some.

Why do Dads have it so easy when it comes to not parenting and being absent fathers?

Why do mothers have free reign (within the law) to raise their children as she sees fit?

Why does our factory society think that my working age everyone is fit and able to do the same thing – work, or to stay at home to raise a baby?

What happened to love, ever so important aged 3 and upwards but seemingly now age 16 it’s economics that takes over. Did you need that Ikea lamp? Did you want your country to go to war? Do you want to live for the rest of your life in a bedsit?

Wouldn’t you prefer for someone else to pay for it? Bien Sur, you would.

What if you had the option of living at home. Would you take it?

What if you had the option of inheriting – would you risk it for a biscuit?

What if all of your options included a two-hour commute and manual barely skilled labour as a machine operator. Wouldn’t you rather not?

Personally I think that nobody in their right mind, with no options to choose from, with the threat of a bollocking, homelessness, rubbish tip living would do anything other than turning to a life of crime. Does everyone need self-respect right?

How did Gandhi and Mother Theresa do it? They had love. They did not steal their reputations, good deeds, and services to humanity, they did well. And probably had killer intellects, but let’s not give up just yet.

What about that guy who hung around a university speaking to people and who made friends with a football manager and became their kit man and then the BBC made a film about his life! Was he not blessed with love. Are there not angels on his shoulder? Hasn’t he enjoyed fame?

And what about the sacrifices that parents make for their children.

Face it as a child and young worker you have little choice but to work unless you become a parent.

Become a parent and the world has sympathy for you. Try and be an artist and the world will pour scorn, avarice and detritus all over you until you stop and comply.

Try and think about the big picture and you will find yourself wanting. You are either too far involved or too much  outside. You might as well begin listening to Rap Music.

And love? Well, love works in the background, making everything alright. If you haven’t got a friend, there is always Jesus.

Jesus cares. He is always there. On the wall, on the cross. When people say love makes the difference they are omitting the word, Jesus.

Jesus love makes the difference.






Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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