A False Positive

Imagine you get the call one afternoon. Mr Brinkworth. Thank you for coming for your HIV test last week. We have the results. It’s positive.

Imagine that you had never even been for the test! What would you think then?

Your name was on the blood sample sent to the laboratory.

Your name was on the form giving consent for the tests to be done.

Your address.

Your phone number.

Your NI Number.

And you never had gay sex in your life! Or not.

I suppose this is hitting blanks every time. It’s not identity theft if it’s your blood. How can it be?

Just imagine they had you on CCTV at the medical center. now that would be freaky.

A false positive can mean many things to many people and if your not one them then it’s probably only the odd occasion that decision making gets skewed by unusual responses to usual questions that a false positive even gets noticed by you or I.

Still. We should not be complacent. Do not put out letters with your rubbish that could be used as identity proof in a credit agreement for example. You have only got to read the tabloids to hear of yet another horror story of someone getting ripped off my conmen using variations of cons that people fall for all of the time. (apparently)

If we as a nation were that gullible then its open door to the conmen of this world.

But I am getting sidetracked by a false positive. ironic isn’t it. Your emotions can play tricks on you too. You can fall in love too easily thinking you have found Mr or Mrs right when really you have a case of false positive.

But how do you know? Well, the fact that they spend all their time at home smoking pot should give you a hint. I am not saying that you might be that gullible its only an example.

Horror stories are usually false positives or false negatives in that ghosts that can be seen at night are usually the result of tricks not the  real thing paranormal if you like.

Magicians in the street will make a playing card appear on the inside of a shop window impossible? Magic? False positive.

You are trying to give up smoking and find that your cravings are suppressed by taking a nicotine patch. You are cured of smoking you think. False positive.

The same goes for calorie controlled diets, dating advice, study advice, get rich quick schemes and any other wonder cure all placebo.

In that, you made it this far you must think I am a good writer who can earn a living from his writing. Great, I can retire to the Bahamas! False Positive.

Thanks for reading.






Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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