The Porcelain Eye

Dusting you with joy was something I enjoyed.

I knew it because of the way it made me feel inside

and to top it off you smiled like a chicken.


Cracked and veined, we would walk there and be,

the golden couple, I am back there now

and I wish you were to, to

see the porcelain eye that I have for you.


Roses upon black earth I laid at your feet while in

my head beat a foolish beat. How could I have

been so blind at the woman by my side?


Fighting birds, fighting bulls, all the world

I would give to have you again my porcelain eye…


Horses hooves announce us on a Christmas

romance into the forest where…I fight…

fallen and falling, until the break of day.


In a fire built of twigs, marshmallows,

whiskey taste buds burned sour  laughter reaches the trees

under which I get down on my knees and beseech you

never to leave me again



Perhaps my heart still beats that same old foolish beat

that you used to love, perhaps in another in town another street.

I will be found again by somebody new, hurt and broken too

and for them I will have the porcelain eye just like I have for you.




Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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