New Starts

DSCF4935Pfft! Pfft!


(cranking sounds)



Blue smoke and engine running.

In my head, I hear a thrumming

of harp and guitar going far into the distance

from where I survey the wreckage of my plane.

Goggles hanging around my neck and sheepskin liner

standard service issue pistol in my belt.

Queens regs over my heart in breast pocket

I take a cigarette from an anniversary tin

and light up blowing into the wind.

‘Jerry’s persistent, I’ll give him that’ I say and spit.

‘Say How Loooong till you get the jalopy running boy?’

raised eyebrow, said with a smile.

‘Let me at ’em’ says the ground service crew as more

seek the glory of the few.

Notice board says Service at 10:00 Sunday

Where we look. Bother upwards for once to slay the many

who come against us, the few, ha’penny muster on the field in a cluster.

Rain and hail bent we say amen to that and throw our helmets in the air

For death or glory!

And New Starts!

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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