I Am As Guilty As Can Be

The sea plods on looking for  a new story to tell.

Coming to a crossroads, it rests and thinks deeply.

Am I wave or current?

Life-giver or taker?

Or am I everything and something just there.

I have no care for I am the sea.

But close a door and another opens and the sea may come rushing through to engulf you and those you love.

Whereupon a crossroads again; the sea might again ponder.

Am I a giver or a taker, a provider or one that takes security from under you.

Everywhere he is and nobody has seen it all except the sea.

Upon which sailors travel so gallantly even though many believe that it takes souls.

If I breathe I live I think therefore I am said the sailor and what of that does take me. What of it? It has a soul I am sure, and an anger.

The sea returns many of its victims on the tide thus giving itself up so is the sea innocent or guilty?

As many choose to risk it all the bounty on their heads set by thieves who never travel abroad.

The sea is an innocent as can be, only the creatures upon it are full of sin.

So I will let it be, said the sea. For I am as guilty as can be and full of remorse for the lives taken by the wickedness of the few.

Who needs to speak up for the sea?



Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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