1234 Who are we waiting for? Jesus – That’s Who

I’ve been expecting someone for a while now and have been expecting his return ever since I was young enough to understand. The Savior will come again. And the idea of host and guest will be turned on its head.

And what have I been up to. And what has the church been up to? Preparing for Him to come again. Worshiping in my own private way and finding my way ever so slowly into the right company.

If I am dead when it comes It will not be too late. Although I would like it to happen during my lifetime.  He will raise me up to life. And I should try to emulate his life.

Into whose home for want of a better description Where In Birmingham would he live? He can use my Internet He is omniscient, omnipotent and all holy.

My neighbours are probably better prepared than I. Their families will welcome him with a feast, family fun and wise words, all of which will please him.

I would humbly accept him into my heart and home and rejoice for I know that I helped prepare for his coming too.

And I’d follow his movements on Midlands Today News, watch televised miracles, rallies, etc with glee.

And I would be glad I rejoined in with church life locally, before the crowds turn up. But then again I do think selfishly.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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