I challenged myself to begin with an idea ‘repetition’. Where will this take me? Into the past. The past. (dramatic music)

In the past, I wanted to change a lot of things from my lofty position in the world as a youthful twenty-something. I recall that it wasn’t enough to simply change something once. No, It had to be done many times to make it real and lasting!

So I would repeat my change of jam six times and that would be enough. But perhaps I was a strange twenty-year-old.

Nothing really changed so I spent most of my time working my ass off travelling to and from a shitty job about as concerned with my real needs as a breastfeeding baby.

All the time I asked ‘Is there something you want to change, usually when prompted. And I would think something mundane like socks. I need a change of socks. And then I would smile and think I was Ralph Wiggum from the Simpsons. I would like to smile more. Cheeeeeeese!

It was nice been young I recall. People, family and friends used to ask questions about my future. The future held promise. time and again people would ask what are your plans and I would say I  wonder what fate would bring me. At fates speed with no help from myself I would deal with whatever life threw at me. I was such a laid back young man.

Where was I. In the past. Repetition. Yes, it was a life of repetition, ignoring things that needed to change and blinding myself to the bleeding obvious. Somethings never change. Repetition is bad.

Repetition is required. Food. Medication. Work. Appointments, Church.

Gee I sound nerdy today or geeky or lame ass.

I’ll probably do the same tomorrow.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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