Firing the Canon

Well, I’m lost for words except Shakespeare, Shakespeare and perhaps Shakespeare. Today I read a book (Well 80 pages) I had bought ages ago. Doing English by Robert Eaglestone, the soaring mason, my joke ha ha.

In it I learned about such things as the dead author. I thought I was dead already, but it turned out that as an author I may die again.

Then there was the literary theory  and intrinsic vs extrinsic traditional thought, presuppositions etc and I found out what had been driving me crazy all these years. Things happening in parallel. Sort of.At least I recognised many of the arguments put forth by Robert in Literature from early philosophies on reading to literary theory from my own thoughts on the subject. One fond example especially in the idea of a text having to have a message or moral E.g. What message does this story have asked at examination time. And if it doesn’t have a message what are you left with? ZERO. This reminded me of sitting exams while at school and getting a sinking feeling as the answer went begging when BBC computers the size of houses dreamt electric dreams of Wifi and Smart Television. There’s my literary use of anthropomorphisation for the hour. Touch me…Bazinga!

I feel Smart Right Now So go ahead and burst my bubble. Just try.




Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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