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There was once a room. And in this room was rap music. And at the other end of the universe there was another room. And in that room was rap music. At the End of The Universe there will be rap music. I live underneath on of them rooms So I constantly hear rap music (crap music).

In the beginning, there was corruption and greed and controlling behavior. Then followed a time of repentance and the doing of good deeds. This was known as losing control/decolonisation. Eventually, nothing but all the options were examined and nothing but obedience remained. This was the future.

Girls and boys have their say at a party for a long dead author. Did the author know that in 100 years ‘A Man Fucks His Wife’ by D.E.Ranged would become a feminist classic?

I used to think that reading Jabberwocky was absurd. Then one day I had a look in the mirror, and stared real hard and laughed at what I saw. Then another day I read a learned book about English Literature and realised I wasn’t the only one who thought the whole thing nonsense.

When looking for something to study I thought that the sciences were for me but… Eventually, I began to write and it became my crutch. I began blogging and that became my want. I began reading English Literature and that became for a day at least, my balloon.

Money, Blah blah, epic poetry is the highest form of literature, followed by the sonnet, followed in parallel by the novel, the short story, flash fictions and fan fictions. Basically,  I wish that there is no higher order except in the execution  of writing your own words and making meaningful connections with readers. Trust me, I know, I’m A Writer.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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