An Open Question To Bloggers Everywhere – You Will Never Meet The People Who Read Your Blog?

So, You will never read my blog again, Right?


You know you will never meet me?


You don’t care?


Someone tell me the answer.

Isn’t it about self-expression?

Probably not. Like a diary?


Someone tell me the answer love.

It’s about self and the digital world.

Is it about a legacy?


Highlight those that apply to you. Add your own answers.

It is about spending your time wisely (not watching television).

It is about telling stories.

It is about making connections that will last.

It is about sharing your interests.

It is about sharing your worries, thoughts and concerns.

It is about sharing your enthusiasms wants and likes.

Is it  about building a social network transcending geographical borders?

Who studies bloggers? (apart from other bloggers and bloggers themselves)

Who would know better than bloggers themselves?

To Be Continued…




Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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