The Tale Of Honey and Oils

‘I won’t be available for the rest of the afternoon. I am in a meeting’ said Jake to his secretary Jean.

‘OK Hon,’,’See you tomorrow then’ said Jean laughing.

‘Where’s my two o’clock J. I am fucking tired..’ said jake stretching his muscular arms, trimming his physique.

‘Not here yet, but your three o’clock is here if you want me to get him’

Jake glanced at his watch. The Rolex dial read 2:15 pm.

‘Send him in J’ said jake over the intercom.

‘OK hon,’ said Jean.


There was a knock at the door, which was open against the wall.


‘Come in, Have a seat And you are…’

‘It’s Chris Smart from Oriental Travels. Konichiwa.’

‘Hiya Chris, Glad to see you. Travel was OK?’ Asked Jake politely.

‘Yes Fine thanks, compared with Japan the M25 is free flowing…’

Jakes’ hand shot up to his neck and suddenly he was wincing in pain.

Chris registered the pained sound and asked ‘Cramp?’

‘Sports injury. Water Polo 93, Scored a goal and wrenched my neck during the celebrations afterward. Flares Up Now and Then.’ explained Jake.

‘Physical sort of sport is it?’ Asked Chris politely

‘More than most people think’ said Jake stretching out the neck muscles and his arms with practiced movements.

‘You have some figures for me?’ prompted Jake.

The sky outside was medium cloudy with hints of a shower and a cool breeze rustled through the trees surrounding the car park twenty stories below.

Two hours had passed and Jean was clearing up the coffee from Jakes Office.

‘Meeting go OK hon?’

‘Fab!’ said Jake. ‘Look I need you to do me a favour. Call Carol and tell her I will be working late and not to worry about dinner tonight’

‘OK. Going somewhere fun?’ said Jean with a twinkle in her eye.

‘Oh Me and Chris are going to eat at his Hotel and see if we can come to some arrangement,’ explained Jake

‘Oh Japanese Food is divine,’ said Jean with a wistful look on her face ‘If you like beef that is. Ha ha. Your two o’clock is still here hon’

‘OK Give me five minutes. I need to do some stretches first.’


To Be Continued…maybe






Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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