Sexy Poems in Your Area (adult)

It’s hard so put it in your gob and suck

Who knows you might like a little fuck

I get what I want and I want it badly

So go ahead and be my lady.


Somewhere over the rainbow lies my buffed sailor fellow

He is dressed in gold edible paint and iced cream dressing

which needs removing by me before we begin moving

Charlie Dance of Love Be my fellow again and gain and again.


Who know what celebrities get up to behind closed doors

Does Olly Murs purr with delight as his fancy is tickled every night

Does Britney get speared? Does Allen get the Lilly plated?

Am I getting lost up my own Johnathan Ross?


They fill out Hyde park, Big House In the Country

But when the boys from Blur get naked,

they do it with skittles up their arses and hands

that are groping are not kept wanting in my dreams.


When One Direction Want  To Fuck

They post a tweet in a secret code

Black for Anal, Blue for twins, And a #1

For a blowjob and your name in their Christmas Book






Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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