Eighties Popping Candee

Looking at the lyrics won’t drive you crazy, won’t drive you insane, might add to your pleasure but then again,

Looking at sexy women on the pages of the internet, won’t make you happy just thrilled cheaply. And Ghostbusters come in the middle of the night to help you alone in your fight against the monsters perceived in the dark, where they hide out. Thriller!


There were some excellent lyrics in the eighties and nineties, seventies and sixties, fifties and forties, noughties, tens and tens and twenties to bug a boo.

That’s 100 years of lyrics.


Enough to drive anyone crazy.

And some lyrics are surprising when you find out they were written by a guy. And others are performed by males only, but could have been written by women. Isn’t it great? Equality? Sure but does Hulk hogan look right in a tutu to you? Or Sinita in a suit? OK, You are a pretty open minded guy (or gal) so you’re a better person than me who gets neurotic about this sort of thing. And don’t mention gorilla suits.

To be continued…probably.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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