A tale of two…

Groups, Couples, Churches, Teams, Car-shares, companies,

Non bring fear into my heart like imagining another one of …me.

Someone else who has tasted the tree of life in pretty much the identical way. Why?

It’s something to do with control. If he (for it must be) has something that I don’t and I want it and my circumstances are similar but I don’t want to get this thing then that’s OK Isn’t it?

If our circumstances are different in that say he has more money than I do (which is probably likely) then I might say we are the same except that he has more money.

It depends on if I am in an insular what does the fluff inside my belly button tell me about me mood or in a kiss the sky mood when I want everything to be good, or if I’m feeling vengeful…

It takes two to tango.

To be continued…probably


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