Christian Thought #000006

There’s A Weight Lifted Off My Shoulders.

Well, actually I was not carrying it. I had set it down on the side of me because I was tired of the weight.

Then a good samaritan came along and took the load right off me. No shit!

It was one minute there and the next minute gone, diffused through a million channels.

But that was a dream.

In reality I was dreaming of somewhere to do a photoshoot, somewhere industrial and decayed and on the edge of a dis-used quarry.

And I would need a model, dressed appropriately.

Then I woke up.

I went to see my vicar (more tea?) who is a good guy. And he asked me questions like ‘Do you want to get married?’ and about my spiritual journey and it was the best experience of my life.

I told my mother and she fussed over me on the telephone for an hour.

I told my dad and the following day he invited me over to see them. No change there then.

And now I am photographing sweets and posting them online between sips of Ouzo and lemonade. Someone pinch me.

In other news my Catholic friend said I was mad to go Anglican citing hisoric schisms of the Roman Catholic Church which resulted in the Church Of England. Like those events hundreds of years ago are relevant today much to someone like me. The services are nearly identical anyway. And the hymns. I can hear him grinding his teeth or laughing at that. But I am sticking to my protestant guns. FOr now.

Time for another dream sequence

Try this on for size.

When Johnny comes marching home again. Hurrah Guitar guitar.

Listening to the Levellers-The Levellers from 1993. Enjoy

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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