A Word Or Two Of Wisdom

Following your dreams is not a bad thing despite what pretentious know it alls may say.

Being humble is not necessarily a difficult thing despite what the dried up old men look tired of not doing.

Being fun is not always accompanied by a smile despite the permn-a-grins displayed by people having fun on television.

Being an adult sometimes means holding tight onto thoughts that may seem childish when spoken aloud, in front of some people.

A child may speak and look like an innocent, but he knows more about the world than you did when you were his age,and he probably wants to be your friend, not your enemy.

A relationship, any relationship cannot be measured, quantified or qualified, only experienced and learned from.

A writer may be (alone on his bedroom) gifted with knowledge without the need to read hundreds of ‘authentic’ books.

Sometimes knowledge can be learned and not given.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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