My Circuits Dead, There’s something Wrong

‘And the stars look very different today..’

Don’t Lie Bowie, They look just the same as yesterday.And the day before, and the day before..

‘Here I am floating in my tin can..’

Have you been on the wacky backy again David…

‘Planet Earth is Blue and theres nothing i can do…’

Well, it’s the oceans that make it look blue stuupiiiid. You can always do something, even if it’s nothing.

‘My head is full of murders…’

Been watching Eastenders again Bowie?

‘I’m not following’

Trust you to be different.

But seriously, Bowies lyrics are AMAZING.I’m just bored floating in my tin can.

I wrote her off for the tenth sunny day…

I was looking for a new solution…stumbled upon a revolution

I was looking for a complication…stumbled upon a revelation

Hell ain’t hard to find.

Lyrics courtesy of The Offspring DAvid Bowie Ugly Kid Joe COPYRIGHT © 2015

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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