Christian Thoughts #00005

I’ll have a Holy Spirit, please!.

At which time?

3 O’clock please

Anything else madam

Oh Yes. I want it to last all day!

Just getting over a bug is nasty enough without having to make sense.

My jaw aches from this cold. My jaw! I have never had a cold in my teeth before. Wonder!

I have been reading my theology book on my Kindle.


My jaw hurts! I can’t make sense of it.

As a writer, I get the whole questioning something before you put it down onto paper or screen but I was still surprised at the authority theologians speak of something I do only believe in. Who’s faith is it anyway? And theologians seem to have a thorough way of looking at things. (not what I had altogether expected)

This theology. knowledge about my God. Need to know? Who needs to know someone asked me. Well, that sound more like James Bond than faith talking I thought later. Need to know?

The book so far has enriched my soul reading it instead of some mass market paperback that would not hit the same target.It has the range and has hit the soul target once twice three times at least, but I really lost count. It’s a nice feeling though.

It’s not quite so nice when you begin to feel pigeonholed by the turn of phrase which at times can sound severe but to be fair these are some pretty weighty philosophical and theological issues. The Godhead, Scripture, Authority of the Church, Synods, Councils. It is a mighty subject so feel prepared to feel small at times!. And prepare to be uplifted and for some blanks to be filled in especially if like me you haven’t been near a church for a long long time.

I am half way through my book and only half fazed which is a result. I am not going to stop believing no matter what I happen to read and who knows where reading this book might take me?

Thank you, for reading, people of the internet, bye!

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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