Christian Thought #00004

All Is Not Well. There was a penetrating silence. I thought perhaps there were bogeymen outside of my door but when I opened it nobody was there. Just in case I wasn’t feeling good about things (which I was, albeit temporarily) the universe decided to play a cruel joke on me, of the existential variety. I think the stars and the galaxies hate Jean Paul Sartre and conspire to remove feelings of feeling secure (life force and mass? Soul) through random scatterings of concentrated dark matter But I know I am talking rubbish – there is no link to mood and dark matter. I got paranoid and lonesome and my faith deserted me like a rat jumping a sinking ship. I crumpled like a wet rice crispy or Weetabix or cornflake into a thin gruel that was probably slightly foul smelling!

I regenerated, thanks to my regenerating qualities and some favorite music (or maybe the dark matter was diverted by a passing comet!) Now I feel strong enough to help Abraham with the moving on the Ten Commandments with a modern stack truck and pallets. My faith is like grease on an axle, lubricating the torque as it does it work on moving things. Talking of moving things I was thinking of having a bible study class in my room. Apart from the fact I only have one comfy armchair I am good to go. Except for any knowledge of theology! What I would give for a theology degree or diploma! Food for thought I suppose.

Talking of things religious I am listening to dEUS which is French for gOD. How cool am I?

Once (now) I have begun to focus on this religious thing it has become apparent to me that I know very little about modern Christianity. I can apply a simile to my knowledge of Christianity in that if it were like a weed It would be widespread and get in just about everywhere! And be HARD TO REMOVE! Mere ennui cannot erode what Jesus gave Peter to Build Upon His Rock! I wish I were so resilient. What is stronger? me or my faith or faith in general?

A friend contacted me the other day asking to come and visit (see I am not totally sad and lonesome) but I didn’t get his text so missed his visit. Doh! I wish I could get texts to the inbox of my computers email. Perhaps there is a way for me to do this. I will see what follows.

Thanks for tuning into Christian Thought for another installment. (I thought that after three blogs on my Christian Journey I could name it something appropriate) So there it is. Christian thought.


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