At Home – A Place to call home.

Isn’t it nice to just lie on a bed in a room at your parents place and just let all your worldly worries stay in your own place miles away from you now? And to catch up and talk about things that interest you with people that you care about. Of course it is.

Insert your witty quotation here.

Some people and their concrete examples of what is and what isn’t poetry. IDKnow. Really.

When people like me are drowning in their own sorrows bring in the critics on poetry to tell us who is hiding behind what.

I have sorrows and I like to express myself in poetry, this is me having something to say!

And if like now when I am relaxed and replete of coffee and with a good meal inside me I feel better about life all together so might stop doing some of the things I usually do at home. I usually draw and write. I cannot draw here as I have no mouse and scanner or Intuos tablet to work from so I will just write.

Well, the weekend is all planned out with the exception of tomorrow which may include me spending some time having a look at my sisters new house renovation which she has been working on for about a year now. Or it may involve beer and flowers. One of them definitely.

I will update you, dear reader, later.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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