God, Jesus and Everything.

To The people of the internet.You and God can have a relationship. Perhaps you are already in a relationship. Perhaps your relationship with God is polymorphic and God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit occupy special places in your mind body and spirit depending on the situation you are in, what you are doing, as life dictates how and when (at all times) you relationship with God is defined. I know that is how it is for me. I don’t go to church so a set time and place for worship is out of the question in that respect, but there is nothing stopping me setting aside a time and a place to commune with God when it suits me. But there is something special about a church I hear you say. Music, people, a holy place. The house of God. Or you might not care about a building as much as you about the terms on which you negotiate the facts of life, God, Jesus and everything. For Christs sake, you might say. It is wholly inappropriate to be discussing God, Jesus and everything at this juncture. I happen to be busy dealing with my mortal life and those who I love have worldly problems also and praying is a waste of time.

If you know your Christianity at all you will already know that the churches in the world have a mission to help the poor and in addition that those with a problem may find solace or even help from a congregation, interpretation of the scriptures, worship and even through prayer. Problems are a part of everyday life unfortunately and I think positively that God, Jesus and everything knows this. I have long believed that even if the church is not handing out actual money or survival guides and that immaculate conception is a bit far fetched and not possible, that resurrection was a myth and that the concept of a god is all a part of the hegemony of organised religion that there are too many people involved for it to be rubbish even if I couldn’t see a way in for me. The bible, the followers, the clergy, the traditions and the seemingly endless variation of faith might still be enough to convince you even with the promise of support! To me, that translates as wisdom and we could all do with more of that rather than searching for it in Rap music, consumer culture of whatever takes your fancy. But I don’t want you to stop shopping or eating out or to cease alcoholic consumption but I do want you to read between the lines. Not only in scriptures or in teachings or in consumer culture, money, sport of whatever makes up your big picture because it, just like the commandments needn’t be set in stone as strongly as I believe gods will is for you. One day God might come for you in your everyday life. Wouldn’t you like to be prepared?

Thank you for reading this far! I hope you enjoyed reading my writing and that it made sense to you, dear reader…

As one of those bloggers on WordPress, I think of myself as a nice person, someone who is approachable and (most of the time)reasonable. So I am asking you to send me your thoughts in a like or a comment. I might even do requests if you ask nicely. So if you had read my last lay preaching attempt and the boring bit at the end you will know that I am awaiting delivery of a book on how to do lay preaching.,properly I suppose…with the benefit of someone else’s experience. I am a 42-year-old Christian artist/writer/ male who has had diagnosed mental health problems as well as all sorts of good and bad life experiences throughout my life. I like science, technology, animals, sport but not exclusively. I am an inclusive type of guy, well I do my best at it.

I would really like to make a go of Internet Lay Preaching so would appreciate any feedback you have or ideas for the blog. By this time next week or hopefully sooner I will be armed with a book on how to do this but still welcome your comments.Bye.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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