Praise The Lord

(Praise the lord’, Praise the lord’ Praise the lord’)

I ain’t gonna stand on no soapbox and talk down to ya.

I ain’t gonna call you up in the middle of the night

I ain’t gonna stalk ya’ and follow you home

I want to talk to ya’ and tell you I am in denial

because I have no faith in my own words no more.

I squandered all my money. I wasted opportunities.

I walked out and turned my back on my friends

and maybe God himself. Why? Because god gave me a gift

that I did not know how to use. I had patience and at the end of many years

I had discipline. I thought these were my gift to god hard work and graft. Just until I got my life in order.

because I was pleasing myself I was pleasing my workmates and family, I thought I was pleasing God.

But I got closest when I was just with people, talking to them. and they listened

to me. This brought terror to my heart! So I made sure I knew I studied and read books so I knew I was telling the truth.

The people who wrote those books were definitely close to God in some way. So I’m safe, I thought.

But me? I had no time for bible class. Time was running out. I needed a career.

Sound Familiar?

Now for the boring bit.

I have been working on ideas for sharing my faith and writing with the hope of getting closer to God. Of course, writing begins with reading and I am now awaiting the delivery of a book on Lay Preaching but I couldn’t wait to get it so I thought a test run was in order. Pitstop. The kettle has just boiled.

If like me you enjoy a little Vicar Of Dibley (showing my age) or Bluestone 42’s Chaplain ‘Mary’ there is a magazine published called Third Way containing articles by one of programmes writers. It’s exciting stuff, not to mention spiritually uplifting.

Mary, the Army Chaplain gives out toffees to get on peoples right side. A Bribe in disguise you say? Well I can’t very well give you a toffee over the internet now can I? (neither am I a chaplain)

But seriously. For me, God is real. God is love. God is hope. And Jesus was here on earth doing things not that long ago.

I wonder if he would use Tumblr or other social networking sites. You bet he would. Message to disciples ‘Brings yourselves and plenty of baskets to lake to distribute loaves and fishes. Smiley Face’ Jesus was not afraid. He threw the money-lenders out of the temple for starters.

Reading this back, I noticed that apart from a few easily corrected grammatical errors it read OK to me. I hope it did to you too. In a way, I knew what to write like I was being guided by forces unseen.

One thing I learned from writing this is that I could have set aside an hour or two and done it properly (first draft, second draft, final draft) even though I am fairly confident I did not embarrass myself doing it my way. 😉

Well, thats it. If you want some proper writing Christain comment on our culture that sort of thing  try the free issues on of  If any of you nice people on WordPress enjoyed reading this please leave a like or a comment letting me know.

Thanks for reading.Bye.


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