Everything Is Awesome!

I have just watched The Lego Movie and was suitably impressed. The character treatment in it was basic but well rounded and despite not making me really think, I found it enjoyable and entertaining.The truth is that we have to be lots of different people in order to fulfil our dreams;

Some days we are creative, other days business freaks, or sounding boards, or gophers, or dogsbody’s, or ignored and neglected people.

And for want of some wisdom, there is always love. Love to carry us through (and onto the next, harder level), Love to inspire us or love to give us something to aim for when we are in the dark. Friendship too.

And for those of us who wander around in near total darkness, there is the light.

Need I say more. I like Emmet am no master builder, more of a keen amateur!

Well, I hope you were inspired or entertained, or both (neither doesn’t count). Thoughts I can read…Followers I need…

Do yourself a favour and rent The Lego Movie……….today!!


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