Scrubbing Harding – Wizard

OK! I have broken off the main ice and am now floating in the ocean.
Visibility is excellent. Supplies are good. Mood is elevated.
Have been floating for about three weeks now but can’t help the feeling I am not alone out here.
There is nothing to see for miles around but the feeling persists. I could do with teddy, but he is lost, unfortunately.
Still, I could order a new one and an owl could drop it off, I suppose. I don’t trust the emptiness of here!
Experiments are going well. I have invented a new Horcrux and disappearing spell since being out here.
I think the emptiness is good for the magic, helps with the flow.
I might try some really advanced magic I have been thinking about ‘in the future’ sometime, Its not just a matter of making potions, it’s the time, the right time for making it. You might think that out here there is no way of knowing what the right time is, and you’d be right too. However, you and I know that it takes more than three minutes to boil an egg, when you take into consideration all the steps involved and so it is with potions. Sigh. I have so much more work to do and so little time.
When you get this note, read it upside down while wearing only pyjamas in the sight of a mirror for a surprise!
Your servant
Scrubbing Harding

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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