There is a Third Way

I have been searching for a missing piece of the puzzle,

and it’s only very recently that I  found it. Looking back

over my life as it flashed before my eyes, as I lay on my bed, I felt a new confidence

surge with the blood in my veins and the music pulsing in my ears.

A grin surfaced, but it was the grin of a bear with a full stomach and a full

set of teeth, shining in incandescent light as the gift revealed a new side of itself to me.

It has been a week of gifts. I received a warm welcome onto the course I sat on last Tuesday. I received a new Intuos Tablet earlier today. I received the gift of  Third Way magazine on Friday.

As I lay reflecting on my and my nearest neighbours lot at the poorer end of the economic scale I read a piece on a book entitled ‘Blessed Are The Poor’. It was nice to have a new perspective on the matter of economic hardship, culturally and biblically (i.e. What Jesus meant when he said the titular phrase.) It was like a mini-sermon! I came away spiritually informed, educated and entertained!

The magazine is full to the rafters of top-notch writing on subjects I happen to be hungry for. I am only on my first issue (if you don’t count the free tasters on the website) but reckon I am hooked.

I won’t go into more depth than that as I can’t be bothered to! And anyway you now why I am happy tonight.

Have a good Weekend!


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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