I didn’t have any talent- But I did it anyway…

Heineken Doodle

(Is this the story of my life?)

I used to work in computers and repaired them and fixed them up and also built and maintained servers on a big LAN (Local Area  Network) which was part of a MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) and a WAN (Wide Area Network) which spanned half of the UK. Sounds impressive doesn’t it?

Yes, there were lots of acronyms to learn (MAN, WAN, etc) and a lot of processes, most of them tedious in the extreme by which to move order data from one computer system to another; known as getting them to talk, I believe.

There were also exams to cram for and take at a Prometric Testing Centre for Microsoft Certifications much wanted by my employer.

What can I say? I soon found myself with all the trappings of success except for a girlfriend, but more of that later.

In the end, I found myself moved sideways, backwards, upwards in a seemingly never ending reskilling by my Evil boss Richard. And I was bored – bored with the job, bored with the people, bored with my life.

In the end, I ended up here and its now 12 years later and I don’t  have a girlfriend still but I have gained a whole lot of useless life experiences.

I am wondering now if there is a reason I no longer meet hardly any women at all in my life other than for the reason I hardly ever go out and when I do its usually with my parents or to the doctors.

Life has become very small. And to a degree that suits me just fine. I have my space and drawing material, my laptop and an internet connection and a nice flat to live in – although there’s only enough space for me in it.

I almost died. I’m over forty. Help.

There is a voice that says you’ve had your chances in life, but you didn’t take them or fucked them up.

I just want a happy ending.

Not much to ask for is it?

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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