Surround Yourself With Love

If you love something ‘set it free’ is how the saying goes. If you love something a lot though you are likely to do the exact opposite and hoard it around you like flies around you know what or wasps on ice creams on a sunny day. But this means nothing, I hear you say, nothing, like Manuel, says in Fawlty Towers just before he gets a clip around the ear from the Erstwhile Basil Fawlty. But I digress. It is nothing that I want to talk about. If you understand nod once for yes two for no. Nothing. It’s everywhere! An In Here (thumps chest with a clenched fist), An In here (knocks knuckles on side of head) and In your soul itself. You know what I mean. It’s that feeling or thought of nothing zilch, big fat zero you get when sometimes seeing or hearing something (or experiencing something – but more about that later). It is represented in all the major disciplines of the professions in the western world by the English Language words zero, nowt, zilch, sweet FA, not a dicky bird, zip, nada, diddly-squat. In numbers and science by Zero, nought, nil, 0. But again I digress.

Likely you are reading this feeling something already e.g. amused or bored, happy or sad etc so nothing is not on the agenda for you. For some reason, I am thinking of doctors waiting rooms right now but don’t know why really.

Radio head have this lyric 15 steps then a sheer drop…into nothing maybe, nothing, no ground so you keep on falling and falling and falling. That would make you feel nothing.

It’s this feeling that slips into our daily routines and goings and to-ings and fro-ings though that I want to talk about. Imagine you have just had a new fridge freezer or washing machine delivered and fitted. You are pleased and can’t wait to try it out! You turn it on and nothing, no beep, no lights come on only the dull sound of nothing. And you soon realise that it’s broken and you have to send it back DOA. Nothing doing.

Another kind of nothing is the sweet nothing. Birds and sweet cherry pie whispered over fruits of the summer while you hum a tune.

But I digress. This nothing is proving hard to pin down. Harder then when I began writing and realising that in fact writing about nothing is harder than I thought because nothing is everywhere, all of the time. It’s like street corners, famous buildings and summer on the beach, a constant. Philosophers and mathematicians talk about constants but I don’t really for sure anyway know if we are talking about the same thing. Is my idea of constant the same as theirs well obviously not I am no philosopher or mathematician just a keen observer of the world. If I were to venture something here it would be that my idea of a constant is one that is always there in my mind like a memory or there in the world like a painting or piece of architecture or natural history so that if I had to assign a number to it would be a one, not a zero.

Anyway. nothing. Most of the time we do nothing much physically unless we run a lot or join a gym. this is not a bad thing regardless of what you may read. Doing nothing is good for you. It can free your mind from the rigours of your job or your relationships or your problems. Nothing to an exhausted mind is like a beach on a dessert island – paradise. But this you already know and you also might be thinking that nothing is quite boring. This is far from the truth.

Nothing was around before something – argue this with a physicist or philosopher or mathematician, if you succeed let me know who won the argument and how.

Nothing is the opposite of something – argue this with me. I thought I’d introduce some structure with a little sentence statement that can be proved either true or false – or even something in between. But again I digress.

I am getting tired now and nothing more (nothing!) is pressing so I might stop here for today anyway until later. Until then …nothing HA HA HA Ha!


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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