I won’t do that!

Hello, Sir!
Good Day! Isn’t it?
May I take your coat, Sir?
May I polish your shoes, Sir?
May I feed you caviar and steak My Lord?
May I give you this cheque Sir?
Would Sir Like his Tomatoes Star Cut or Cubed?
Would sir care for The Elizabeth Hurley or the Tia Carerre?
Is there anything else I can do For Sir?
Will you kill for me? suck my bell-end? Eat my shit?
I won’t do that.
Hello, Madam!
Hello, Alien!
Hello, Russian!
Hello, Dictator!
Hello, Blind Man!
Hello, Sailor!
Goodbye life, Hello Freedom (in six years time)
Until then I will suck candy till I rot my teeth
And lie in bed (till it grows over me)
And sleep until I forget pain and suffering.
And then one day amongst the pigeons on the square I will reawaken to joy! Joy!
And I will zoom everywhere in the world and get there well before it begins.
I will master time. My time will be Now.
I won’t do that.
But for now I will carry on shining shoes and refusing bell-ends!
I have standards you know!

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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