Laugh Like a Brook (and other things I have stolen)

Some lines are best read with an accompanying tune to shed light on meaning tone and impact.

Thus, I want the whole of my life to be accompanied by choral symphonies, big beats and dope tunes.

And people talk of deprivation. Well, I guess there is true laughing like a brook when accompanied by one tune and another when accompanied by another!

(Many tunes, many truths)

And I expect that those who rail against such statements feel just in their rhetoric when the truth is closer to me than they can bear. It’s time…


Would you believe me if I said…replete was a crust of bread?

Would you believe me if I said…heaven was in a stolen glance?

Would you believe me if I said…life was all about being dead?

Would you believe me if I said…Is Red the new black in my mac?

Obviously more life is better than less

Obviously drafts require less skill than chess

If music is life then the world should be full of song

If happiness is glee than perhaps I should sing along

But it’s the death in me that means I recall the day Someone died

And I remember the day I last cried.

Happiness is fleeting like a swan flying over a lake

Glum is like a tree with a massive trunk

And truth is like a beacon to which we all can flock

And music is the glue in the silent rock that supports all life and…

Black is the new red says the tune in my head

And I’m so happy now I’m not going to bed.

A glass poured into an emulsion slick and cool

And a drink is something to make me drool!


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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