A Dream

Last night I had a very vivid dream. In it I was told of the successful birth of my offspring. My partner, in a hospital. I was walking the streets beaming proudly. In them I met my enemies and shared the news and we all smiled and our enmity was temporarily forgotten. I was with a girlfriend and we went and had a pint at our favourite local and then went on to see my sister who was hosting a co-operative auction where we went to see if there was anything we wanted and it was somewhere cool to hang around and chat. Then it was back to thoughts of the baby and I needed to go baby shopping at Boots the Chemist for baby wipes etc. Every ten minutes or so I would drop back off to sleep and reawaken and relive a different part of the dream. The most vivid was the news of the birth and then a kaleidoscope of colours exploded all around me (remember I was dreaming) and I pinched myself but didn’t wake up and I was convinced for thirty dream minutes that I was, in fact, a father of a child for real.

Then the dream sort of fragmented and began to go off on a tangent and before I knew it was morning.

I hadn’t been dreaming (day) about fatherhood or reading about it. The only thing involving babies was that someone on twitter liked one of my posts and he was a father of a very young son  and I recall getting a rush when I got that fave (my first on Twitter) and went to sleep feeling very happy.

Maybe that’s why I got the rush. And In the midst of it all thinking ‘is this for real’ I was wondering if being a father would be such a rush in real life.

One thing about dreams is that I don’t get them very often but for the past two or three weeks I have been having them regularly. Maybe I am being drip-fed with LSD or maybe this sort of activity is normal. Still, it’s weird.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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