All The Way To London Town

Isn’t blogging like having a lucid dream?

The Spire of the Houses Of Parliament, St Pauls Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, The Cenotaph, The Gherkin, South Bank, Battersea Power Station, The West End, The British Museum, The Bank Of England, Admiralty House, Greenwich.

Dreaming over your mars bar and pasty lunch with a tin of sugar to wash it down. You’ll never get there, loser.

Dreaming over your Internet Browser, and football clubs away fixtures you will never go to.

Dreaming over the News At Ten over women newsreaders who would never look in your direction.

Dreaming over capital based celebrities who make special shows for Christmas but never in your place.

Is it dangerous to dream – I mean people’s ire raising anger and dangerous? Dangerous to your body mind and spirit?

It never was too difficult to dream and maybe that’s the nugget there, the golden nugget.

If dreaming was dangerous then we would all think more objectively about EVERYTHING. money relationships, where we live, what we eat and drink, what we wear, what we think about, read etc.

But the real danger would be too much of an intrusion into our privacy. Maybe a points system where time spent thinking about not the actual, but the possible or impossible made us use our golden brownie points until we are left with only a few to go.

What difference would it make? Focus? Would imminent danger focus ourselves more clearly on our dreams and, therefore, concentrate the process and therefore wasting less time on the gaps in-between the ‘real’ bits of our dreams?

But it would be a turn-off. You can’t dream to quotas you say! Well, can’t you? Aren’t dreams stolen between glances at your lover, between jobs at work, lessons at school, between runs on the football pitch? And when we have time to dream, like on a Sunday morning we instead turn to a newspaper, television or magazine because we have too much time.  So tradition plays a part and what you do for a living too. Some people are required to be visionary, others mechanical, robot like. However, we are all made of the same stuff and everyone can dream even if they don’t do it much or do it in private, in secret.

What feeds dreams?

Are chemically induced dreams our own authentic dreams?

Are we living in a dream state?

Isn’t life inherently dangerous?

Can you influence the power of dreams?

Can you exorcise unwanted dreams?

Can you drip-feed your dreams to yourself whenever you are feeling bored for example, without losing focus on what you are supposed to be doing?

Dreams. Our friends and allies or dangerous time-wasting ideas?

Isn’t blogging like having a lucid dream?

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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