Chick Lit – How To Write It -Poems/Sketches

Chick lit

A Nice opening, A good passage, Open and enter into the world of feeling context and meaning, literary writing, allusions, references, textures and meaning. Did I say meaning already? Well, are you the type for searches for meaning or is it all nothing to you?

The hero, the chisel-jawed type perhaps, or the reluctant fetishist is maybe your cup of tea? Or the sporty type? Are you thinking clearly?

IDK What do you see?

Start with the eyes – adjectives, verbs, nouns, reflex verbs, Proper Nouns in simile, strike a metaphor. You tell me – What are words for?

Then the location – Is it warm or cold, Is there vegetation, a road or a path, the horizon or not? indoors or out. What is it like? Affluent or Seedy? Cultured or yobbish? comfortable or basic? Open Or Closed? Give the setting a part…the cooling shade made her draw a quick breath…

The protagonist? – Who is he? Student?, Painter?, Musician?, Scientist? Type A or B, Honest /Treacherous Does he defy description? Father figure, twinkly-eyed, poser, intellectual, lad, bloke, sensitive, feminine. No labels are required, but some knowledge is better than none. …He stared as if transfixed by her/his nemesis

The Antagonist? – Who is he or she? Is it you or me? Can you write a potted biography?

If you are still reading then you might be interested in trying a POEM/Sketch exercise…

…Coldly, he raised his eyes towards her. In them was a reflection of the Eiffel Tower. The smell of coffee grounds in her nose she breathed in deeply and looked again. No, it was impossible but they were still here, together under the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, the city of Love. He pressed the muzzle of the gun into her rib cage and murmured something in French ‘depeche toi, depeche toi’ ‘No, tell me why did you kill my brother and why did you bring me here?’…

You see how I made up this piece using the rules above. Of course you can build your own scenerios or Premises. The romantic meal for two in a dimly lit restaurant…, the chance meeting at an equestrian event…, skiing in the Alps…, …Shopping on the High Street…, the possibilities are endless.

And don’t feel constrained by the rules. They are there to be broken!




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