Rats Run For Cover

This poem was written to see how many different uses for the words ‘runs’ I could find in a page or so of writing.


But as for runs, athletics never really were my thing and cricket too has runs. Funs the name and runs are the game, especially for an old work friend of mine who breathed Edgbaston and did runs there in his car. Runs do the kids for school. Pool a car and driver. En Hiver my favourite season in French rhymes with river which runs down to the sea through counties that are scoring runs in cricket matches. A man is late for the game so he runs to get there quickly so he doesn’t miss any runs. At home the dripping tap runs all the bloody time until it gets fixed. For the plaster on the wall underneath the tap that runs time runs out and half the wall collapses onto the floor. A Spider exposed by the falling plaster runs to cover under the fridge. A big one – Blood runs cold. The repair work will cost hundreds. I will have to watch the trades at work. Who knows what surprises lurk just around the corner.

A woman rolls up for work late, runs in her black tights. Cars go flashing by kids faces a picture in uniforms and patient looks on faces glum in the morning sun. A rat runs from the drain to the hedge. Such is the rhythm of this place. A man runs to the toilet. Coffee stains grow on desks as coffee runs down the side of cups while someone does the sandwich runs for morning break. Time as they say, goes by too fast, just as if it runs.

A phone rings again in customer service. its the same person again complaining about having to pay an extra five pounds in store rather than online. Her whole family have been on the phone. God knows how much it cost them in calls. What do they say ? Madness runs in families.

Marketing come back from the trade conference and check on the company website. It needs updating. An IT worker goes to the server on which it runs and updates it and then double checks to see that it still runs OK. Satisfied he runs back to see the marketing chief and tells her its OK. This place runs on wheels says she. Well you know who runs this place really! said IT guy feeling happy. A quick glance at the cricket tells me: England need 210 runs.

The Finance Director and the MD walk past a monitor showing the rolling news about runs on the bank in Greece followed by the aftermath of an IS attack in Syria where ambulance staff runs to help the injured and a crowd runs away from the danger.

On the corner of finance and IT a mans sits head in hands until one of his co-workers speaks to him. A Smile runs across his lips and gets as far as his left ear where it stays as they talk.

4.00pm. England still need 200 runs. The rat from the hedge runs back to the drain and the bell goes for the end of the shop floor shift signalling new production runs to be put into place. A wagon in despatch waits for the loading for new European runs as the company expands. Workers swarm over the production lines like ants on a hill. No-ones looking like they’re running down the clock here anyway.

England Score a six and a four, that’s ten runs from the  total they’re chasing.

Its sort of quiet except for the busy sound of fingers that runs across keyboards and the chatter of voices on phones but its electricity on which this place runs not steam. So quiet motors hum inperceptably.

A last minute drama unfolds in customer service -raised voices, then tears then She runs to the bathroom as her make up runs.. Eyes turn back towards screens and as the clock ticks towards five the place thins out. Home time arrives. Coats are put on and eyes go wide or dull like a sharks as the change runs through peoples bodies and minds, before they go outside but that could be just my imagination running wild.

As I go I wonder how I will get home tonight b y which route is quickest through the traffic. The clock ticks in my car and as I start her up and the engine runs memories of another days run through my mind. I put the radio on England still need 189 runs.

As you can see there are quite a few uses for the word ‘runs’

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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