I forgot my first line

so this will have to do

It’s difficult making a rhyme

whilst avoiding cliche

which hides round the corner

ready to say boo got ya (unoriginal writer)

or your mind can go blank completely

as you skate on one rail of the track

before coming off completely.

Thats a short poem on writing and the title (translated as ‘Mass Graves’)  refers to the legions of writers who think they are not good enough so hang up their biro before ever really using it in anger, dammit. It gets me mad.

If you are interested in writing but are not sure how to begin then you could do worst than to read on a bit. Even if this does not apply to you then read on anyway and give me a like. Just because you think I deserve one and your’e a decent sort of guy.(or gal)

Really it’s like doing a jigsaw where the pieces

move themselves from one place to another

or just disappear from view only to resurface later on

when you’ve already compromised and prevaricated

Space has been filled, the jigsaw forced. Do I go

back and complete. To be honest that’s even harder

with no guarantee of success, I’ve found. To forget again

or come off the tracks or lose a piece is just too easy.

Bless the work you have completed and don’t forget

it might mature on the shelf instead of being published on your blog

which is already overflowing with works half done new and old.

If you want my advice see the car-washer in the summer playing Eminem

Or the good life, find someone with money and live the life of Riley.

Your writing will improve a car on loan

I only said that cause it rhymes and to avoid cliche

which is like a bogeyman. sometimes scary, sometimes necessary (see title)

The jaded writer, tired of his baby steps might try something new

like a walk around the block and see if his words flow more eloquently.

He might be surprised at what he sees with his eyes upon return to

the screen and keyboard.(Or he might just be all surprised to shit again).

and might seem to live in a sober stupor where everything is irrelevant except the

full stops which end it period. Sadly it’s all commas if your lucky or just non-stop prose

that gets under your skin and in your eyes and up your nose. Note. The pause between words may be long. Very long.

But let’s do not forget the blue sky sunshine on your face and barbequed chicken.

All of which are great! Yum yum, Good on a plate.

But if you like words you have no choice Try to make a cake out of adjectives and verbs and put it into the oven

whilst holding your nerve. Words chose you. You are good enough.

Write from your point of view be that the head or the heart and use the internet and books and friends and family.

Be bold, avoid cliche and have a big heart.

x Andy

A well known cliche of the jaded, burnt out nobody writer may have been used to add effect and drama to this piece despite my warnings to avoid cliche again and again.Sorry.;)

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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