Young Adult -Writing Exercises #365daynovel (Last one!)

Cara found parties boring. If it wasn’t pretending that you liked someone it was actually liking someone and getting a crush on them. Up and down tedium made worst by the drink.

‘Hiya Cara,’ said a passer-by without stopping ‘Bye Cara!’

There was a distinct amount of talent at the party with a few heads full of nice shiny hair, a few pecs and biceps worth a second look too.

‘Tedium’, sniffed Cara into her drink, which was half empty.

‘Boring isn’t it?’ said a voice.


‘This party is boring,’ repeated the voice.

Cara looked up from her drink and examined the source of the mysterious voice. It was a boy about 6 foot tall, thin to average build, slightly underground fetish to his clothes, nice arms, honest face,  mouth, eyes cheek bones – everything where it should be, lots of hair…

‘ So do you want to get out of here?’

‘Hmmm’ said Cara playing with her straw.

‘A few friends of mine I know are having a party. Good music, good conversation, nothing like this at all,’ said the new friend.

‘Hmm. Do I know you? asked Cara.

‘I’m friends with Jack, you know, and Debbie, JD…On the Rocks!!

‘Yes they are,’ answered Cara smiling ‘…usually,’

‘Then there’s Charlie and James, CJ Crackers Jim Bud, Tim Red Stripe, Richy Lager..’

‘You seem to know the crowd, Do you have a name?’

‘Porno Lemonade.’

‘Porno what?’ asked Cara


‘And what’s your real name Porno Lemonade?’ asked Cara.

‘Pauly Fizzy Water With a hint Of Lemon’

‘OK Pauly Fizzy Water With a hint Of Lemon. Tell me about this party of yours,’


‘That was a great pARTAAAY!’ shouted Cara holding onto Pauly’s Arm.’Whooooo!’

They were out on top of a hill on a road in a residential area. It was 12:30 am.

‘Whooo!’ shouted Cara again.

‘Walk you home?’ asked Pauly.

‘Yes_You_Are Youngman,’ answered Cara ‘Yes you are!’

‘Where do you live?’

‘Don’t know’,’Where do you live?’

Pauly took out his mobile and dialled a number.

‘Hi. I need a lift from Shrub Hill Dad. Can you come and get me and one other?

‘Sure thing. Ten minutes. See you. He turned to Cara ‘Your transport is coming’

‘Sh…great’; Said Cara falling forwards.

‘Whooa…got you’ said Pauly catching her round the shoulders.’Boy You’re heavy…A-a-a-a-r-r-r-gh’ winced Pauly as he fell to the ground Cara falling on top of him.

Pauly said’Well At least I broke your fall!’ He put one arm out behind him but something was wrong. Cara lay across him not moving.

‘Cara? Cara. It took milliseconds for the realisation to dawn something was not right.

‘CARA!’ He said holding her face ‘Can you hear me’

‘mmm’ groaned Cara sleepily ‘Who are you?’

‘Cara I think you passed out…’


‘Let’s sit you up. Can you make it to that wall?

‘Yesh please’ He lifted her under her arms and half carried, half dragged her to the low garden wall.

‘Cara. You passed out but you’re alright now’

To Be Continued…


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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