How It Is With Love -A #365daynovel – Day 2

Don’t know much about writing but tried these exercises today.

A cruise ship gets caught in a storm, veers off course, and then sinks far from the mainland, but many of the passengers survive and make it to a deserted island.

literary fiction

In an illicit gay relationship with his deck officer and embattled politically between his love for his family and the love he feels for  his adopted homeland, America. An Islamic captain takes a cruise ship on a humanitarian mission to save refugees from the homophobic Islamic State which have taken over his native country. With limited rescue boats and against a backdrop of civil war between the refugees Captain Massoud is torn between rescuing survivors loyal to his family, sympathetic to his lover or allied to his adopted country.


An electrical storm makes a cruise ship veer off course to sink  far from the mainland. A small group of passengers insist on staying at the site of the sunken ship. None of them can convince Ships Captain, Will Furtherington why they refuse to leave only producing a smooth metal torpedo which the eldest of the group keeps under his garments then holds up to the sky chanting a hypnotic mantra in an unknown language. Both Will and The crew are lost for words but learn the group also are interested in the key hung round the Captains neck throwing their hands in the air and shrieking loudly when he gives one of the groups his jacket and they see it. The key is precious to the Captain. It was given to him when he took command of this vessel by his daughter before she was killed tragically in an accident at sea. What links the do groups desire to remain at the site where the boat sank and the last gift he ever received from his daughter?


A cruise ship carrying a secret military cargo goes down in International Waters. Only Commander Banner Bane knows of its strategic importance, or so he thinks. Can Bane complete his mission without arousing the suspicions of the Captain of the ship a suspected enemy sympathiser who has family in the caliphate? It is imperative the US NAVY Seals arrive before the caliphates men. A Storm approaches and valuable time must be spent rescuing the ship’s civilians survivors. As time runs out what will Bane do to stay one step ahead, without risking the lives of everyone.

A man and a woman are sitting across from each other at a small table in a dimly lit restaurant.



A series of bombs are planted throughout the city at locations popular with families. The family restaurant, the theme park, the zoom and the shopping mall. A team of linguists are on the case of a team of mad scientists convinced that the World will fall to extremist Islam unless they bomb targets around the country and raise a new caliphate in England, to save her from a fate worst than that! The evil genius Dr Givmehowp devised a cruel game as a way England could save herself from loss of life. A game of scrabble played in Arabic where the points count from something. Each point scored by the UK can stop the bombs exploding, but any press coverage will result in instant detonation meaning death for thousands of innocents. Can the academics of England prevail against the mad scientists and thwart not only the threat of death for thousands but the threat of an Islamic caliphate here in the UK?

science fiction

The technology implanted in the woman’s brain which is hard-wired into her CNS by both physical means and through neural net programming is oblivious of such things and of her role of seductress/assassin. In her mind she was raised on a farm in North Dakota and after her studies in New England is now embarking on what might be a promising date with a hunk from Oxford University Rowing Teams Manager, Rod Armalite who himself is augmented and is currently tracking several targets as they track him and his date at Armadillo’s restaurant, Oxford.

‘Face it, Babe, The Space Race is over,”..nobody cares about that stuff anymore…’

‘ In fact if it was not for the nuts at apple I doubt we would even need computers anymore, leave it to the military to fight the wars. No soldier I know worth his salt, would take commands from a computer anyway. This whole Cyber warfare hype is pure science fiction babe


The King of the High Elves looked out of the restaurant before giving his hand to the queen. They both rose and in High Elvish said the incantation for grace, before again taking their seats. Butterfly nectar in a crystal goblet was exchanged in a pre-meal ritual dating back  to the Grangly War victory twenty years hence when the High Elves  and their brothers, The Elves of Northrup joined and fought the Black Prince Clan of Wardor in a victory that brought peace back to the lands of Glad after twenty years of war. It was only fitting as the queen was a descendant of the Elves Of Northrup and the marriage was made in the run-up to the Grangly Wars. The King smiled warmly after the ceremony and said a blessing in High Elvish, to which the queen bowed her head slightly, also wearing a warm smile. The king took her hand and turned to the restaurant saying in a loud joyous voice ‘Let the Feasting Begin’

A family watches as their cat gives birth to a litter of nine kittens.



It had always been cold in there, it’s just a cold room they said, those who had lived there, they who heard the cat miaow at night when there was no cat or one for miles around. The ghost hunters were filming the room as a last resort joke really. Nobody actually said it, but this felt like one the biggest wild goose chases Trev had ever been on. A cat miaow. Hardly a headless ghost but he set up the camera anyway. Driving back on the motorway to headquarters at Leeds the following morning the family whose house it was that miaowed was following in their MPV when they began beeping their horn and flashing their lights. The crew with trev looked at each other then they heard a sound from the back of the estate car Trev was driving. It sounded like mewing. Nate  dug around in a box until he found the source of the sound. It was a camcorder playing last nights footage. On the viewfinder was the room, the cold room, where the eerie sounds were supposedly coming from and in it he could see a cat. Then the zoom on the camera sped into a closeup of the cat. A phone rang. Trev handsfree answered yep, nope its not us calling you. You’re right along side me. Trev waved to the family car beside him. Right. Its on Bluetooth you say. you can see a cat. Nate said Yes Trev, you won’t believe this but… Trev interrupted Whats happening? Babies, Kittens? Its having kittens. You can see it right now.WOOOOAH three, four, five, seven, nine, Nine kittens Whats happening now? ‘Screens gone black said Nate. Wait there’s still sound. The sound of wailing coming from the camcorder got louder then it came through the car speakers then it came through the handsfree. Then suddenly it went silent.WhOOOOOA! What was that asked Trev? ‘Let’s pull over! Quick.

Later investigation at the room revealed a bricked up fireplace and the petrified bodies of nine kittens and their mother in the wallspace where they must have starved to death in the dark together. Real Paranormal! Real lives. on KWZC!

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