Off The Cuff

What makes me think that I can write off the cuff? I cannot do magic. I cannot write Shakespeares missing plays. I cannot ghost write a Stephen King novel (just in case he gets into another auto accident). I cannot. But this is sounding very negative. I can write well enough about stuff. Stuff like …well I have scrubbed my mind clean I can tell. Was i worried about false starts? I can’t remember but it sounds comfortable enough. How many times have i sat down at my keyboard and screen and written ten lines of something I thought would go somewhere but like a packet of Pop Tarts only briefly filled a need. That need, that need to write! You may or may not know what I mean. It’s what started this piece of writing. The belief that all is not lost, that its not too late, that describing words like sluggish don’t always apply to my writing. Well that’s what the writers say on the information stream that is my imagination. If they are all as boring and talent-less as me…then its often not even worth beginning say they. But if i’ve already started, well I can ignore them or presage a new sentence with a new breath. One word will be enough to begin a sentence of many, maybe even the birth of an idea, a small one, enough to get to the next one. Idea. The label on the back of the headboard of my bed is an interactive hologram, not an ordinary fire warning label. and you are not an ordinary reader but a hacker who has stolen access keys to my laptop! And I am a Doctor Who script writer!

To be continued…

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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