Impractical cat,

gangly, unbalanced

kittenish, falling

prancing past my gaze.

Chase me, chase me now

Innocents mirror,

off exploring now

tail high in the air.

Home again for lunch

Allow me to serve

aromatic stuff,

meaty jelly chunks,

Rubbing on my leg

to let me know your

stomachs full. And I

forgot to pour milk!

Scratching around on

your back soon after

gives indigestion,

makes way for a sleep.

Nocturnal habit

leave via window

where are you going?

who will you meet there?

Home early sleep time

vibrating, purring

on my bed, on the

floor, territory.

Chest rising, warm fur

curled up like comma

existential dreams

with catnip endings.

thank you for today

for making it more fun

and thanks for cov’ring

your shit with litter.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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