The tiger prowled the ground between me and him. Could he see me? Was he aware of me, hiding behind a tree not thirty feet away? I was downwind of him, of that I was sure, not that there was any wind to speak of but the breeze came off the sea and the sea was past the clearing, the tiger of course and the woods that lead down to the beach. It was a good beach with white sand, land crabs and brown monkeys groomed each other near the treeline. Suddenly a twig snapped. I looked up from my reverie and suddenly I was face to face with the tiger. I knew I had a death wish, else why would I be here when everyone said this was dangerous territory and even though they did not mention the tiger, unless you were very young. It remained marked out in my psyche as somewhere foolish to dwell in for too long. And now I had tempted fate once too much. ..

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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