“I’m waiting for the microwave to ping,”

‘It pung already,’

‘did it. I didn’t hear it,’

‘Yeah bro it did’

‘pung…the past tense of ping. Is that what you meant?’


‘you said ‘pung’. Is that the past tense of ping in your head?’


‘Pung. You said Pung!’

‘Did I?’,’You really shouldn’t take any notice of what i say,’


‘Why what?’


Denny came round the corner and the two looked toward him.

‘Whats this? Mothers conference or something?’ he mimicked rocking a baby.

‘Mother yourself asshole!’ Came back the response.

A ripple of supressed emotions, followed by another stronger surge of self regard/pride somehow fired Denny into space.

‘Here are your rotas!’ boomed Denny showing off his full height

As Commander Denny gave the orders there was the sound of trumpets, women stopped what they were doing and looked thoughtful as Denny masterfully doled out duties to the grateful, otherwise lost sheep under his wing.

‘I’m not mopping. I mopped yesterday’

‘You mupped yesterday, did you?’ Asked Denny.

‘Ha ha’

‘Ha ha aha,’

‘What is so funny?’Asked denny, innocence in his eyes.

‘You said mupped, retard. Ha hA hAh a Muppet!’

Denny stared back at his insulter, determined guile in his eyes.

Commander Denny was faced with insurrection and rebellion in the ranks. How would he handle this? With tact and diplomacy ? With courage and heart? With carefully controlled anger, delivering impassioned words like a knife thrower, clinical, surgical even in fact.

‘In my office you. Follow me.’

To be continued…

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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