Microwave cont…

‘What?’ exclaimed Denny

‘I wasn’t talking to you!’

Legions of flying men suddenly dropped from the sky, Then they were flying again, as if nothing had happened.

‘Don’t try any of that stuff with me. OK?’,’Do you know that its wrong to insult your superior? You do understand that don’t you?’ ,’You’ll have to go on report, it’s policy. You can expect a hearing with HR. That is all. Any questions?’

‘What do you think the union will have to say about this eh?  An innocent man. No A victim of a misunderstanding who was making a joke. On his break. Laughing about a ping gone pung and now on report. Do you think thats fair D-Denny?’

‘Of course, Speak to your union rep. Thunk-you. Close the door behind you’

‘You bastard. You BASTARD!!’ shouted the man. He picked up a bin and emptied its contents over the desk, then he threw it al the wall.. He knocked off the contents of the top of the desk with a sweep of his hand.

‘You bastard!

He picked up a chair and threw it at the wall. Denny was cowering behind his desk chair. Next it was the filing cabinets flung over. He picked up a lamp and began swinging it by its cord.

‘You Bastard! Bastard! Bastard!’

The lamp hit the glass walls of the office cracking the glass into a spiders web.

‘Denny I hate youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!’

Commander Denny is doing the polishing of his family silver when a large fly buzzes him. It flies away then comes back straight at his face. Denny ducks and the fly flies straight past his face and into the electric fly catcher. The electric blue fizzes and a small puff of smoke signals the demise of the fly. Commander Denny waves away the smoke, says ‘Oh dear,’ smiles and examines a 18th century silver decanter for blemishes.

Denny presses the speakerphone button on his desk phone and dials 199 for security.

‘Su-curity, su-curity, come to the office of Mr Dunny HA hA Ha Hu Hu Hu Hu…’


Commander Denny salutes the parade marching past his house from his balcony then turns to his wife and says’You know dear. We have to make sacrifices in our lives sometimes but I have something that makes it all go away. U. She looks back at him, and smiles. And winks.

The Endo

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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